Hidronor Chile

Hidronor Chile has been leading the Chilean industrial waste management industry for over 25 years.

We feature leading edge technology, state-of-the-art treatment plants and a team of qualified professionals, committed to finding the best solutions in the management of industrial wastes of different origins, thus contributing to the development, growth and sustainability of the country. Hidronor has a wide coverage throughout Chile and every sector of the national economy.

Among the services we offer the industry, we highlight the advice and internal management of industrial, hazardous and household waste; the characterization, remediation of contaminated sites, transportation, revaluation, treatment and final disposal, in strict compliance with current legislation and with the highest national and international standards in terms of safety, environment and quality.

We have technology at the forefront of industrial processes in our country, state-of-the-art treatment plants and a team of highly qualified and committed professionals to provide comprehensive advice on industrial waste management in different areas, providing the country with development, growth and highly sustainable processes according to the waste requirements imposed by the economic model of our country.

We are present in all industrial sectors that are part of the country's economy, since we have treatment plants in the central, north and south areas. These are focused on meeting the needs of the industry related to waste management, offering innovative comprehensive solutions with rigorous safety and quality standards designed to protect the environment.

Our Commitment

Safety and sustainable development are part of our decision making to create value in our operations and development projects. As we define in our values and value proposition, we are a company that seeks to deliver safe, sustainable and comprehensive environmental solutions to waste management problems, therefore, caring for people, respecting communities, the environment and legal compliance are key elements in the execution of our processes and operations.

Health and security

We permanently manage the prevention and control of risks in our activity in order to protect the life, the physical integrity and the health of all our workers and the community in general. 

Environmental monitoring

As Hidronor, we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance through steps that ensure its protection, in addition to complying with the legal requirements that apply to our work. For this reason, we implement environmental monitoring programs that allow us to proactively verify compliance with environmental and sectoral standards, and regulations applicable to our operations.

To validate our processes, the authorities of the Health Seremi and the Superintendency of the Environment periodically supervise and request monitoring reports from us in order to verify compliance with our commitments.


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