Why Hidronor

At Hidronor Chile we are leaders in the management of hazardous, industrial and household waste throughout the country.

Offering comprehensive solutions for different areas: industries, mining, municipalities, among others. We stand out for having a highly trained team and various waste treatment plants throughout Chile equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Why hire our services?

Our services cover various branches in the treatment and management of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste, which will allow your company to look after the environment and the community in a responsible and efficient way and contribute to the sustainable development of the country.


The constant growth of the population in the territory in turn generates greater industrial activity, which, indisputably, goes hand in hand with an increase in the generation of waste, including the impacts associated with this, such as the people’s quality of life, the economy and the industry, due to the pressure submitted on the sites of final waste disposal.

The industrial sector acts as a great generator of waste in circular economy, which, if not managed correctly, represents a serious problem for the community and the environment.

Through comprehensive solutions, carried out by an excellent team, at Hidronor we manage the handling, transfer and treatment of industrial waste throughout the country.


The mining industry represents a high percentage of the country's GDP, which makes it the main actor in the national economy.

However, this is an industry that, as a result of its processes, generates highly complex waste. Due to its great mining activity, our country is the world leader in mining waste (for each ton of mineral approximately 30 tons of waste are generated).

At Hidronor we have a team of highly experienced professionals, as well as treatment plants and laboratories with state-of-the-art technology, with which we guarantee a maximum level of rigor in the processes that allow the transformation of hazardous waste into material that does not produce damage. to the environment.

The processes implemented for the treatment of mining waste are defined and carried out after an analysis of the particular needs of each mining company, always ensuring the care of the environment.


The generation of municipal solid waste is regulated by article 27 of the S.D. N ° 1/2013 of the Ministry of the Environment, and establishes that each municipality must declare the waste collected by them or by contracting companies according to the procedure established by the environmental institutions.

In the area of municipal and household waste, at Hidronor we stand out for the responsible treatment of waste and efficiency in the weighing and unloading processes, as well as for the safe and expeditious transport of waste; all of this in charge of personnel trained for such purposes with the necessary experience to carry out said process.

Throughout the country, our company has established itself in the treatment of household hazardous waste and heavy metals found in batteries, fluorescent tubes, computers, cell phones and all kinds of disused electrical appliances.

In the area of municipal and non-hazardous household waste, we have a treatment plant located in the Biobío Region, in the Copiulemu sector, aimed at receiving this waste.


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