About us



Consolidate ourselves as an industry benchmark in the generation of value for our clients and the sustainable development of the country through comprehensive waste management and treatment solutions



Provide comprehensive solutions for the treatment and management of waste in a safe, sustainable and efficient way according to the environmental needs of our clients.



Contribute with environmental care and sustainable development, providing safe solutions for valorization and waste treatment.

Our values

We are a leading company in the national industry, capable of providing our clients with comprehensive environmental solutions in the field of industrial and household waste, supported by experience and innovation in waste management, revaluation, treatment and final disposal.

Professionalism and Teamwork.

We are committed to doing things well, in a timely manner, with a human team that strives for excellence in their work performance.


The protection and care of our employees and the environment are fundamental in the development of our processes and services.


We develop and implement robust and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our customers and the community.


We believe in an open-door policy, which is expressed in the communication channels that we maintain with the community and each of our stakeholders.

Value proposal

For our customers

At Hidronor we comprehensively and efficiently solve the needs associated with the management, transport, treatment and final disposal of waste, being an active ally in the process of environmental management and risk control.

For the community

We use the best practices and technologies to deliver safe, sustainable and comprehensive solutions to problems in waste management, treatment, transportation and final disposal. This way, we become an active collaborator in the definition and implementation of public environmental policies.

For Our Collaborators

We promote a culture based on a good work environment and permanent professional development of the people, where each one contributes to a first-rate organization that is characterized by its high technical and safety levels in the field of environmental management. This allows the people in our organization to make a concrete contribution to society.


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