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May 17: World Recycling Day Let's contribute to the sustainability of the environment!


Every May 17 we commemorate World Recycling Day (proclaimed by UNESCO since 2005) with the aim of promoting good practices associated with this activity, seeking to reduce the serious impact that waste generation generates on the environment.

This date serves as a reference to contribute and generate ideas and initiatives that invite us to reduce the volume of waste we generate (both personally and industrially), thereby contributing to the sustainability of the environment and the global circular economy.

To better categorize them, the concept of "the 4Rs" was created in order to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover. Based on this, we offer you some ideas/advice to put into practice and contribute to the fulfillment of this great objective:

  • Reduce: Let's avoid the generation of new waste with basic actions such as reducing food waste by planning the weekly menu, among others.
  • Re-use: Let's give a new use to all those materials that allow it. We can even donate what is useful so that other people can reuse it.
  • Recycle: Turn waste into new and functional products!
  • Recover: When it is no longer possible to avoid, reuse or recycle waste, other companies can use it to create new products.

Let's be aware Let's help global recycling!


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