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April 22: International Earth Day

At Hidronor we promote environmental sustainability through our waste revaluation, recovery and recycling services. Collaborate with the cause!

Every April 22 we commemorate a new International Earth Day and, to contribute to the objective of preserving our planet, at Hidronor we ensure the correct management and treatment of industrial and hazardous waste by carrying out different services associated with the sector, thereby seeking to reduce pollution. environmental and promote the responsible use of natural resources. 

In pursuit of this goal, we share some actions to put into practice and give new life to our environment:

  • Always prefer online alternatives and put the use of paper aside if possible.
  • Plant a lot of trees!
  • Prefer low energy light bulbs.
  • Apply the 4Rs in your daily life: reduce, recycle, recover and reuse.
  • No uses bolsas ni utensilios de plástico. Prefiere productos biodegradables y que permitan más de un solo uso.
  • Prefer energy resources that come from renewable sources.
  • Go bike riding to get to nearby places, or walk.
  • Let's contribute with sustainable actions to the care of our planet!

Play it for your planet! Collaborate with the circular economy and recycling.


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