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July 7: International Soil Conservation Day


At Hidronor we provide comprehensive solutions for the remediation and sanitation of environmental liabilities and land contaminated by accidental spills, transfer and storage of dangerous substances, among others.

Every July 7, the International Soil Conservation Day is commemorated with the aim of encouraging different initiatives that generate a change in consciousness and add value to the care of our biosphere, given that the damage caused to soils generates catastrophic consequences such as global warming. global and desertification. 

In fact, one of the biggest soil problems that we currently face is caused by erosion, due to the wear and tear produced by external agents such as wind or water, as well as transport, weathering, sedimentation and contamination due to dispersion, spillage or transfer. of dangerous substances.

To contribute to reducing the environmental impact that each person can have on the soil, we recommend that you put these actions into practice:

  • Do not throw garbage on the ground. Prefer placing it in containers used for this purpose.
  • Use organic compost or worm castings to fertilize the soil.
  • Use direct sowing.
  • If you require the use of chemicals for pest control, go to 100% guaranteed organic products.
  • For companies: Carry out responsible and efficient management, preventing damage to soils through a correct environmental policy.

At Hidronor we are experts in remediation and restoration of contaminated land through sampling, analysis, removal, treatment and/or recovery of the contaminated area. 

Let's take care of our soils!


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