Analysis and waste characterization

At Hidronor we provide environmental consulting services,

giving our clients an integral vision in the handling, storage, treatment and final disposal of waste. We have qualified personnel to identify environmental risks, current applicable regulations and soil remediation plans and environmental liabilities.

Our service is adapted to the needs of each client, considering logistics management, storage, waste management plans, waste characterization, support site closure plans and on-site remediation, among others.

The main objective of this service is to provide guidance regarding the identification of the hazardous characteristics of the waste generated in the industry. We have organic and inorganic analytical laboratories that are ISO 17025 certified.

The main characterization services are:

The laboratory relies on EPA standards to determine waste hazardousness, such as: extrinsic toxicity through the TCLP method (Characteristic Toxic Leaching Procedure) and reactivity tests, among others, in accordance with the current legislation (DS.148). 

This is carried out by applying the methodology of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and plasma optical emission spectroscopy with inductive coupling for the quantification of heavy metals.

Our laboratory is certified for the determination of Polychlorinated Biphenyl compounds (PCBs). These are highly dangerous for living organisms due to their high toxicity, bioaccumulation in fatty tissues and persistence in the environment. In Chile, the use of these compounds has been prohibited since 1982 by resolution of the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels (SEC).

By using the GC-MS analytical technique, the waste that may contain organic compounds is determined in order to guide the treatment alternatives and / or final disposal of each one of them.

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