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Challenges to companies before the Recycling Law

Desafíos a empresas ante Ley de Reciclaje

Published on April 06, 2017.-

The Recycling Promotion Law, also known as Extended Producer Responsibility (REP), will enter into force in June of this year, and will establish a list of non-recyclable waste that, once its useful life is over, must return to the factory from where came from. To comply with the regulations, companies must present a recovery plan, which can be carried out through a private company or through a recycling system.

According to figures from the Ministry of the Environment, in Chile less than 10% of household waste is recycled and about 17 million tons of waste are produced annually, of which 7 million correspond to household waste, a figure that grows year by year.

This is why the implementation of this new regulation is so important from a business point of view, but to achieve a real solution to our environmental problems, the commitment of all actors in society is required.

Source: Radio U. de Chile


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