Development of projects at client sites

At Hidronor we have specialized personnel

to deliver solutions and services according to the needs of each client in their facilities.

Some of our services are:

Consists of consulting in compliance with the current regulations, in addition to carrying out the reconditioning, transport and final waste disposal service in a safe and efficient manner.

At Hidronor we are in charge of controlling, administering and managing the adequate and safe storage of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste, according to the operational and environmental requirements of the production process.

We provide a comprehensive and specialized cleaning service for the different facilities, equipment and collection sectors that require decontamination. The service includes preliminary studies, laboratory analysis, hydrojet washing, volume reduction and reconditioning, transport and treatment of the removed waste.

We offer on-site handling and final disposal service of foundry slag. This service includes:

  • Detailed engineering and construction of slag cooling fields.
  • Detailed engineering and construction of the final slag disposal site.
  • Hot slag conveyor truck weighing; reception of hot slag in cooling fields; cooling; trituration; loading; transportation and disposal of foundry slag.

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