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A few months remain before the collection and recovery goals of tires enter into force

Entrada en vigencia de las metas de recoleccion y valorizacion de neumáticos

According to regulations, the goals that companies must meet regarding the collection and recovery of tires will come into force in January 2023, as I understand, all those companies that introduce these elements into the Chilean market must adhere to a management system that collects and revalues unused units.

The rush to start putting these new guidelines into practice is due to the fact that our country generates 140 tons of waste per year and only recycles 8% according to data provided from the Ministry of the Environment (MMA). To begin to increase this recycling figure, EPR seeks to increase the recovery of waste to 25% for both common as well as mining tires, as of the first year of entry into force of the decree of goals, so by the eighth year -2030- the prior reach 90% and the miners reach 100% of the collection and recovery.

However, industry sources point out that, in order to begin to responsibly comply with the provisions of the law there are still certain flaws the country must advance with to support this management, such as the creation of more collective tire management systems (given that there are currently only two), as well as develop more and better infrastructure to recycle tires and clarify the amount of waste that companies must take care of because the industry must remove the same amount of tires sold per year according to the decree, but this calculation is being managed by the guild.

In summary, the industry must remain attentive to the advances that continue to be promoted in this area in order to comply with what is required by law once these goals come into effect. In this sense, and as support to the area, at Hidronor we provide recycling solutions for small scale tires such as trucks and vehicles through Greendot, a company within our own company.

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Source: Diario Financiero


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