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Hidronor: More than 25 years contributing with comprehensive solutions to waste management and treatment in Chile

Hidronor aporta a la gestion y tratamiento de residuos en Chile

It is no secret that, in terms of environmental regulation, our country still has a long way to go. However, recent years have been marked by a greater promotion of preventive industrial actions that reduce damage to the ecosystem.

In this sense, the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF) recently approved a "modification to the structure and content of the annual report of issuers of securities" which, among other points, determines that companies "must" incorporate in their reports details of the mechanisms for ensuring compliance with environmental obligations that have been put in place.

In addition, the SMA is developing pilot plans for environmental compliance so that they can adjust their production processes thanks to the raising of early warnings in case of non-compliance, and as part of the companies dedicated to waste management and treatment, at Hidronor we are the first company in the industry to adhere to this plan, which will make us a national benchmark.

However, as of January and September 2023, the collection and recovery goals of the first two products that the Extended Producer Responsibility Law (REP) defined as priorities will begin to apply: end-of-life tires (NFU) and containers and packaging, respectively and, in pursuit of this goal, at Hidronor we project ourselves betting on the sustainability of the country, constituting ourselves as a facilitating company in the process of the circular economy value chain with vast experience in the handling, management and treatment of waste industrial and dangerous.

Regarding issues associated with the circular economy in Chile, at our alternative fuel plant (located in Santiago) we have revalued waste such as solvents, paints, contaminated oils and any other waste that has certain characteristics of calorific value, turning it into an alternative fuel. liquid (LIME) with certain characteristics that is used in the cement industry, as well as we have developed projects such as biogas recovery and transformation into energy in our plant located in the southern zone, as well as revaluation services for containers, tanks and others.

Regarding the Rep. Law, as a company we provide services associated with the management and treatment of industrial and hazardous waste for six of the seven priority products established by the regulations, such as lubricating oils, batteries, batteries, electrical and electronic equipment, tires, containers and packaging; under the concept "from waste to resource".

Finally, we also support and advise companies with the alternative of recovery and revaluation of soils through the remediation of contaminated land, as well as with the export and incineration of waste that requires it (halogenated pesticides, refrigerant gases, oils with PCBs, among others). others).

We invite you to review more details of our services in the last special edition of Waste Management published by the newspaper El Mercurio.

We remain committed to building a more sustainable Chile!


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