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Hidronor: Challenges in hazardous waste services to SQM


In the Sustainable Report programme we explain the cleaning process we carry out at the mining company's disused plants.

Global warming caused by Greenhouse Gas Emissions and waste generation from industrial activities continues to increase. For this reason, sustainability policies are high on the agendas of companies around the world.

In conversation with the programme Reporte Sostenible, our company explained the importance of companies adopting strategies based on circular economy. Luis Briones, Hidronor North Zone Sales Manager, stated that "we are developing different types of solutions, both in terms of logistics and hazardous waste treatment, and we are also very committed to the development of projects for the transition of hazardous waste to the world of recovery and recycling".

In this line, Hidronor has been working with SQM for eight years. Gissel Rojo, head of Special Materials at SQM, explained that "Hidronor has been our strategic ally thanks to its services, which are invaluable in contributing to our sustainability goals".

The expert pointed out that years ago there was no real awareness of the circular economy. "Today, together with Hidronor, we can recover waste oils and batteries, as well as other hazardous and non-hazardous waste," Rojo said.

Pond cleaning

Another of our outstanding services in the Northern Zone of the country and at national level are the cleaning and cutting of ponds of different companies. Briones said that "we are working successfully with our subsidiary, Greendot, in the cleaning of floors and ponds, and the reduction of ponds. The scrap can even be recovered later in this cleaning process".

Gissel Rojas indicated that "we work with Hidronor on the ground, mainly in our disused plants. We ask Hidronor to dismantle and treat the hazardous waste and take it to their final recovery services. And it has turned out to be a really complete service".

At Hidronor we are aligned with companies whose projects aim at sustainability policies!

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