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Hidronor Chile: Comprehensive waste management, knowledge and technology at the service of a circular economy

Hidronor Chile Gestion integral de residuos al servicio de la economia circular

In our 25 years of history we have delivered comprehensive solutions for the management and treatment of industrial, hazardous and household waste with coverage across Chile thanks to our three treatment and final disposal centers distributed in the northern, central and southern part of the country, in addition to the accredited laboratories we rely on, have allowed us to serve all sectors of the national economy that generate a significant proportion of waste in their processes.

Among the services we offer the industry we highlight the transportation, treatment and final disposal of waste, as well as energy valuation, recovery and recycling; remediation and sanitation of contaminated lands; development of projects at the clients work (on-site service); management of non-standard products; and the exports, incineration, analysis and characterization of waste.

As a company we evolve in line with global needs, contributing to the country’s circular economy in all of its productive areas. “In general, there is a strong tendency for the reuse and recycling of waste, but recovery technologies have limitations and there are certain types of complex waste that must inevitably be treated and confined, such as those containing metals. heavy chemicals, pesticides, cyanide, liquid mercury, etc.”, highlights the Operations Manager of Hidronor Chile, Gabriela Soto.

For these wastes, at Hidronor Chile we take responsibility -in the cases for example of mercury or cyanide - for generating treatment processes in the country; and for others that cannot be treated locally -such as PCBs- we are in charge of the exports management for their treatment abroad, which today depends on maritime transport to be carried out.

In addition, we have a laboratory accredited by the Ministry of the Environment of Quebec, Canada, and we contribute to the country's circular economy value chain with environmental solutions for the management of priority products established in the EPR Law, under the concept "from waste to resource”. Likewise, we offer cutting-edge technology for industrial processes and we have a team of highly qualified and committed professionals to provide comprehensive advice on waste management for different items.


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