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Hidronor Chile participated in a successful Webinar on alternatives for the remediation and recovery of industrial soils

Hidronor webinar alternativas remediacion recuperacion de suelos industriales

In order to update the industry on current regulations and service alternatives for a correct remediation and recovery of industrial soils, last Wednesday on July 21st, InduAmbiente magazine carried out a webinar on this subject in conjunction with Hidronor.

The event featured a presentation with Hidronor's Regional Development Manager, Juan Andrés Salamanca; Head of Soils, Natural Resources and the Ministry of the Environment (MMA) Division of Biodiversity, Carla Riveros ; and FCAB Sustainability and Territorial Development Manager, Jaime Henríquez.

During the meeting, the experts explained the audience how the soil management instruments required by the MMA have evolved over time, with the most current regulations, in addition to giving details on how to correctly manage soils with the potential presence of pollutants and the execution of projects in an environmentally friendly manner, considering that Chile is still in the diagnostic phase and strategic guidelines in this matter compared to other OECD countries that have environmental regulations for contaminated soils.

On this last point, Hidronor’s Regional Development Manager, Juan Andrés Salamanca, explained the state of contaminated soils in our country in detail concerning the active cases and abandoned sites, as well as the techniques used by the company to clean up and recover contaminated land. In this sense, he explained the decision making criteria on the feasibility study for the reuse of land, analyzing the risk that it would imply for human health and the environment, along with the technical, economic and social approach that must be applied in each case, taking into account key factors such as location, type of soil, group of pollutants, among others.  

Finally, there was a round of questions where the exhibitors clarified a few queries made by the audience, thus expanding the latest updates available for the industry regarding the different management alternatives for a correct remediation and recovery of industrial soils.

These types of meetings help us move towards a more sustainable Chile, an objective that is achieved with the alliance of the different groups that contribute to the country's circular economy (companies, government and civil society).

Download all the presentations of the event here.


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