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Mining industry advances in waste recycling with innovative project


Moving towards more sustainable mining through the responsible management of non-mineralized waste (non-hazardous industrial and domestic) is the objective that is being promoted by one of the most important mining companies in the country.

Thanks to the “Recycling Challenge” program, the company seeks to ensure that, in practice, non-mineralized waste – plastics, wood, textiles – could be used at work as office supplies, public spaces, food sectors or elements for industrial mining use, among others. others.

Broadly speaking, the winning project aims to reduce the use of waste landfills, as well as the emission of greenhouse gases thanks to an integrated model that has already allowed 2,600 tons of industrial plastic to be recycled. With this initiative, the company specifies its commitment to moving towards a circular economy, which consists of recycling its own waste to later convert it into a product that can operationally return to its assets, along with moving towards collaborative innovation projects.

Likewise, the mining company reaffirms that they are working with passion, discipline and respect to produce the sustainable copper that the planet needs, successfully reducing non-hazardous industrial waste, extending its useful life and reusing it in different ways.

At Hidronor we join these efforts thanks to our commitment to sustainable management and recycling for more than 25 years, working in alliance with our subsidiary Greendot (specialized in global solutions for recycling, recovery and on-site management of industrial and hazardous waste). ).

Over the years we have become a leading company in the field and thanks to our processes we contribute to the circular economy and sustainability of Chile, being part of the new industrial generation that will help us together combat climate change.


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