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REP Law: Positive reception achieves “Tire Recycling Campaign” that revalues ​​this waste

5 de marzoDMEN

The “Recycling of Disused Tires” campaign is being carried out successfully, within the framework of compliance with the Extended Producer Responsibility LawREP), que lidera el Ministerio del Medio Ambiente.

This waste is converted into new raw materials through a process of collection and reception in recycling plants, where thermal degradation is applied to obtain steel or black carbon (which can be used as fuel), thus promoting the circular economy of this waste. pollutant.

At Hidronor we support these types of initiatives and remain committed to providing comprehensive solutions for the treatment and management of waste in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner, according to the environmental needs of our clients.

Join the campaigns that care for the environment and contribute to building a better world! 


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