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Reusing water, a necessary measure in times of climate change


It is no secret that climate change is having a strong impact on the ecosystem, generating alterations of different types and affecting the daily life of millions of inhabitants throughout the planet. One of the most evident consequences that this phenomenon has caused is both the scarcity of water and the dangers related to this resource (such as floods and droughts), since the increase in temperatures alters precipitation patterns and the entire water cycle.

That is why caring for water, whether at home or in industries, has become a task that we must all contribute to mitigate these effects.

To support this objective we can implement small actions at home, such as taking shorter showers, not leaving the faucet open when it is not necessary, or using biodegradable soaps or detergents that allow us to reuse the water we use to wash dishes or clothes. among other initiatives.

At an industrial level, the efficient use of water resources is essential. The reuse of water in processes (as long as possible) is key to increasing the circular economy, and at Hidronor we are committed to this cause.

Therefore, during the treatment of the Liquid Industrial Waste (RIW) that we manage, we reuse the water for our own production processes. We implement this same process in our 3 plants located in Antofagasta, Pudahuel and Concepción, to strengthen our responsibility with the recovery and revaluation of waste.


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