Environmental Dictionary

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Environmental value

Set of qualities that define an environment as such, including the characteristics of living, inert and cultural components.

Urban discharges

All the liquids that we dispose of from our houses through the drainage will, sooner or later, enter the rivers or the ocean. In this sense, our daily way of life throws them tons of organic waste, industrial solvents, chemical cleaners and consumer oils, which often unbalance the food chain of the seas, promoting the proliferation of certain species over others, or whose decomposition deoxygenates the water, preventing the reproduction of the weakest species.

Discharges from power plants

The introduction of RIL through the pores of the soil or subsoil can lead it to an underground water course, affecting its quality. If contaminated groundwater is used by people, this will cause direct negative effects for all its uses: human consumption, agriculture, industry and mining.


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