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Aerosol recovery: challenge to contribute to zero Greenhouse Gas emissions

In Chile, more than 15 million units of this type of products are consumed per year, which has generated concern given their classification as “hazardous waste.”

The constant increase in the production and consumption of products in aerosol containers in Chile has generated growing concern since, in 2022, the country had a production of 15 million units and a consumption that exceeded 91 million, according to data from the Latin American Aerosol Federation. 

To contribute to reducing this problem, at Hidronor we created an innovative solution to valorize this hazardous waste through the implementation of a process that manages to decontaminate the containers, changing their characterization from “hazardous waste” to “non-hazardous”, so they can be be sent to any authorized recipient in the revaluation of non-hazardous metal waste, thus facilitating the reintegration of this product into the production process.

This strategy contributes significantly to the circular economy chain of aerosol containers, offering an effective alternative to address the lack of proper disposal of hazardous aerosol containers. 

Let's promote the reuse and recycling of recovered materials!

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