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World Energy Efficiency Day

5 de marzo Dia Mundial de la Eficiencia Energetica

Since 1998, every year on March 5th we commemorate World Energy Efficiency Day in pursuit of reflecting and raising awareness about the importance of the rational use of this resource. In response to this goal, today there are many countries that are already implementing strategies to expand energy diversification through other renewable sources, which also allows the reduction of fossil fuels and therefore less pollution for our planet.

In fact, in Chile, the National Mining Policy 2050 establishes that around 96% of the country's energy matrix will be supplied by renewable energies by this time, an estimated projection since we have quadruplicated our capacity to generate solar power in just five years, as well as, septuplicated the capacity to generate wind power.

Without a doubt, these figures are very hopeful for the future of all of the Chileans and in order to be part of this change we, at Hidronor, injected more than 6,000,000 kWh of clean energy into the distribution system with our biogas plant located in the Bio Bio region. This is possible thanks to the decomposition of organic waste present in the urban solid waste we manage, which is what we contribute with, the reduction of odors and reduction of emission of greenhouse gases.

Do you want to know how we do it? We invite you to check the interview to our Sales and Marketing manager, Juan Andrés Salamanca, where he explains this.

Let's continue building a more sustainable country together!


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