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December 5: International Soil Conservation Day

5 diciembre_Dia Internacional de la Conservacion del Suelo

Every December 5 since 2014 we commemorate the International Soil Conservation Day as a key date to promote sustainable actions in favor of the recovery of our soils, which, like human beings, need a balanced supply of nutrients in Appropriate amounts to be healthy and favor their ability to produce food, or be chemically stable after some industrial activity to have a second useful life.

This year (2022) the UN proclaimed the motto "The soils, origin of food” as the objective of his campaign, seeking to raise awareness about the importance of soils for food production, nutrition and optimal diets, while calling for sustainable management that guarantees their health.

At Hidronor we support this cause by contributing to environmental sustainability with our remediation and restoration of contaminated land  either due to the dispersion, spill or transfer of dangerous substances (including the mining industry) that accumulate in the earth's crust and cause various diseases for humans, as well as negative effects on the environment.

Let's be aware. Let's preserve our soils!


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