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Chile is the sixth country in the Performance of Climate Change 2023

Chile es el sexto pais en el Desempeño del Cambio Climatico 2023

During June 2022, Chile adopted the Framework Law on Climate Change with the projection of reaching zero emissions by 2050, a key factor that caused our country to rise three places in the Index of Desempeño del Cambio Climático 2023 (CCPI) with respect to last year's index, where we were ranked 9 - today we are number 6-.

In detail, we received a low score in the category of "Energy Use" and a medium score in "Climate Policy", but a high and very high score in "Renewable Energies" and "Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG)".

It is worth noting that, to date, the top three positions in the Index are unoccupied because no country was strong enough in all categories to achieve a very high overall score, which puts Chile at a great advantage in comparison with other nations.

Taking into account the previous point, it is demonstrated that our country is advancing firmly towards the mitigation of climate change, and at Hidronor we will continue to support this common objective with our services associated with the remediation and recovery of contaminated landanalysis and characterization of residuestransport, treatment and final disposal of waste, among others.

Source: Reporte Minero


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