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How to make Ecobricks


Published on December 21, 2015.-

With the Ecoladrillos you will be able to make recycled, economical and sustainable constructions that do not harm the environment, obtaining a sustainable commitment through proper waste management.

Here we show you how to create your own Ecobricks:


  • PET bottles.
  • Waste: Plastic, feather, aluminum, paper.


  • Wash and dry your PET bottles. Don't forget to keep the lid on it.
  • After your bottles are clean and dry, add the previously named waste into them. It is important that you do not introduce organic waste or batteries, and that everything you keep in the bottles is clean and dry.
  • When the bottle is full and the material is well compacted, cap the bottles and your Ecobricks will be ready to be used.

These Ecobricks can be used to build planters, benches, fix imperfect in your home, among other things.

How to do it?

I. Draw in chalk the way you want your construction. Remember that the width will be determined by the length of the Ecobrick bottle.

II. Measure the linear meters of your construction to know how many Ecobricks you will need.

III. To build you will need a thick mixture of cement, gravel, and water.

IV. Put the first layer of cement on the shape that you drew with chalk, then put the Ecobricks in a row. Remember to leave a space between them of 2 cm. and press them lightly.

V. Apply the cement mixture on top of the first row, and put more Ecobricks. Make sure they are in the spaces you left in the first row.

VI. Repeat this procedure until you reach the desired height.

We invite you to read the following article: “Cómo hacer Ecoladrillos”.


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