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World Water Day: let's take care of the most vital resource on the planet!


In Chile, the Water Code establishes the prioritization of human consumption, sanitation and domestic use

This March 22 marks a new World Water Day, a date proclaimed by the UN in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro at the United Nations conference on environment and development. The objective of this day is to raise awareness among people about the importance of caring for this natural resource for the life of human beings and species on Earth.

Such an anniversary becomes more relevant than ever, since unfortunately access to water is not guaranteed, since 4,000 million people experience a serious shortage of this resource for at least one month a year, according to Unicef ​​data. And by 2030 it is projected that some 700 million people could be displaced by lack of water, a problem that is increasingly visible in various regions of the world, such as Africa or the Middle East.

In Chile, significant steps have been taken to preserve this element, such as the promulgation of Law No. 21,435 on April 6, 2022, which reforms the Water Code and seeks to prioritize human consumption, sanitation and domestic use. of subsistence.

One of the main impacts of industrial activity is the pollution produced by the dispersion, spill or transfer of dangerous substances, for example, in lakes, rivers and lagoons and soils, and at Hidronor we support with sampling, analysis, removal, treatment and/or recovery of contaminated land. Furthermore, in our production processes reutilizamos aguas residuales para aportar al medioambiente.

¡Cuidemos el agua, el recurso más vital para nuestra subsistencia!


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