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Environmental Economics and the 2030 Agenda: Sustainable development for the planet

Economia Ambiental y Agenda 2030_Desarrollo sostenible para el planeta
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Human activity has transformed 75% of the earth causing the accelerated advance of climate change, among other adverse effects. For this reason, the United Nations strongly promotes its 2030 Agenda which encourages the fulfillment of 17 sustainable development goals (SDG) before 2030 (which Chile promised to adopt in 2015), in order to generate actions for the sake of the people, the planet and prosperity.

To achieve this, environmental economics is a fundamental part of this process, since it will allow these actions to be taken in a transversal way, establishing an interaction between economic development and, the people’s well-being and environmental wellness, allowing the construction of a sustainable future for all where the concepts of "sustainability" and "viability" are key.

In order to meet part of the goals set in the 2030 Agenda, at Hidronor we are strongly committed to SDG # 12 "Sustainable consumption and production" (EPR Law) and SDG # 13 "Climate action," with integrated services for the management of dangerous and non-dangerous industrial waste.

This is how our business actions are committed to climate action, seeking to build a more sustainable country.

Let's contribute together to an environmental economy!


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