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Comprehensive and sustainable management of industrial waste

Gestión integral y sustentable de residuos industriales

Published on March 26, 2020.

The company started up a plant in the Biobío Region that transforms the biogas extracted from a sanitary landfill into electricity.

Hidronor has three plants for waste treatment: one in Antofagasta; one in Pudahuel (the largest) and another plant in the municipality of Florida, near Concepción. "The coverage national and our wide capacity to receive industrial waste and dangerous, are differentiating attributes valued by our clients since more than 20 years ago ”, explains Gonzalo Velásquez, Environmental Manager of Hidronor.

At the facilities located in the Biobío Region, in addition to a security deposit and treatment of hazardous waste, Hidronor has a sanitary landfill that receives household waste from three communes in the area. Of them, near the 50% are organic and the rest, plastics, glass, textiles, etc. The organic fraction when being arranged in a landfill is in an oxygen-free environment, so your decomposition generates biogas. Additionally, they also contribute to generation of biogas waste from the fishing industry, from food and sludge from water treatment plants, with a high content of organic material.

The project carried out by Hidronor included within its focuses on optimizing the capture of the biogas generated, which caused the decrease in the generation of odors, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission.


“Gestión integral y sustentable de residuos industriales.”

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