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Do you know how we contribute to the circular economy of our country?

Hidronor aporte economia circular de Chile tratamiento residuos industriales
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Currently, the world seeks to migrate with a new economic and social era allowing us to leave the linear production stereotype behind, and Chile is not an exception. The circular economy promotes the maintenance of the production cycle of the different raw materials that surround us and are used more frequently, reducing consumption and waste.

To standardize this, our country relies on the 2020-2040 Circular Economy National Roadmap and the EPR Lawthat propose goals and actions towards migration to become a more sustainable country.

At Hidronor we are facilitators in the value chain process in a circular economy.. To make this possible, we work under the concept “from waste to resources”, using industrial waste to generate new valuable products, as:

  • Production of alternative fuel based on waste with calorific value.
  • Generation of clean energy that is injected into the national electricity grid of the biogas generated from the domestic waste we receive.
  • Development of byproducts from the revaluation of used oils, paints, solvents, among others.
  • ew useful life for contaminated land and cleaning of industrial containers to be reused.
  • Recovery of waste such as batteries, scrap metal, metallic pieces, car batteries, among others.

We then generate value by implementing integrated solutions that contribute to the revaluation, recovery, recycling and treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste, increasing the country's circular economy process.

Let's all add together to increase a circular economy!


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