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Hidronor: sustainable mining through waste management and treatment

Hidronor gestion y tratamiento de residuos para una mineria sustentable

To achieve green and sustainable mining, high environmental standards must be applied in the operation, which implies taking charge of the waste that production leaves behind (many of them are contaminating and some even highly dangerous).

This is why the mining activity requires solutions that can take care of this waste with all the necessary safety measures and the most advanced technology to deliver a comprehensive and efficient environmental response, as the one we deliver at Hidronor. With more than 25 years of experience, we have positioned ourselves as a leading company in the management and treatment of hazardous, non-hazardous and household waste, through processes and environmental solutions that allow an optimal management, revaluation, treatment and final disposal of waste.

Among the services we offer at Hidronor, we highlight the consulting and management of hazardous waste, non-hazardous and household waste; the characterization and remediation of contaminated land; and the transport, recovery, treatment and final disposal of waste, always in strict compliance with the current legislation and with the highest national and international standards on issues relating safety, environment and quality (Decree 148 and EPR Law (No. 20.920)).

As an analysis of the service provided in the country, Juan Andrés Salamanca, Hidronor's Sales and Marketing manager, highlighted that “Chile is focused on becoming a much more sustainable country. In this sense, our solutions are adjusted to this national objective through the revaluation and recovery of waste which also respond to the circular economy concept, becoming more present in various industries we work for”.

Source: New Mining and Energy Magazine


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