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We participate in the Sustainable World program explaining how we reuse treated water for our production processes


We contribute to environmental sustainability by reusing treated water for our own production processes

Every year, at Hidronor we recover more than 20 thousand tons of water thanks to a physical-chemical process that consists of neutralization reactions, from which we obtain water and dissolved salts that we subsequently use in our own processes for the treatment of solid waste in the inerting line.

“Thanks to this process we manage to replace around 20 thousand tons of clean water per year, reducing the consumption of clean water that can be used for other purposes, such as irrigating vegetables, human consumption, among others,” comments Marialis Ojeda, engineer. of Hidronor environmental projects.  

"In this line, we are currently working on the treatment of waste that contains a lower level of contamination in order to separate its contaminants for industrial use, for example, in mining, or others that use water as raw material for their processes, that do not require water quality as high as drinking water,” adds the executive. 

We invite you to learn in detail how we reuse wastewater for our own production processes in the interview conducted for the most recent chapter of the Sustainable World program.

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