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EPR Law: Strategies of waste specialists, as Hidronor, to support the industry

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Various strategies are in development in the recycling and waste management industry of our country, based on the regulatory framework of Law 20,920 for waste management, the Extended Responsibility of the Producer and Promotion of Recycling, known as the EPR Law, whose purpose is to reduce the generation of waste and promote its reuse, recycling and other types of recovery.

In this regard, Pablo Seguel, Commercial Deputy Manager of Hidronor, spoke with the Sustainable Report portal about our services concerning this matter.

“The importance of our activity is that we are not simply a final destination plant. Today we are incorporating a new company specialized in recovery, therefore, we act on different fronts”.

One of those is precisely the Greendot company, a strategic partner that we incorporated into our management to specifically promote everything related to recycling. “It is a company that is part of the group and that we are beginning to develop in the central area and very soon in the northern area. This way we, at Hidronor, will be able to concentrate more on the treatment and final disposal properly, and Greendot would then proceed to form the area oriented towards the EPR Law”, clarified Pablo.

In the end, he concluded, our objective is to permanently seek the best solution for the different waste treatments that the production matrix is generating, as it is an activity that varies over time, it therefore permanently requires new treatments based on what the national industry is demanding.

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