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Find out what are the biggest pollutants on our planet

Mayores contaminantes de nuestro planeta

The pollution of the planet is a reality that concerns us and affects everyone equally. Over time, this situation has accelerated, affecting not only the ecosystem, but also the health of people.

Within the great variety of pollutants on the planet, there are three categories that we must highlight in order to prevent their use or dispose of them correctly:

  • Chemicals and pesticides: generally used in conventional industries and agriculture, releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Regarding these, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns about the risks of using chemical substances such as pesticides due to their ability to remain in water and soil for years, causing significant damage.
  • Fossil fuels: It is proven that the excessive exploitation of coal, oil or natural gas generates high levels of pollution both in the air and in the environments where these resources are extracted. To date, no international convention has managed to draw a clear line between sustainable development and care for the earth, although the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) do pay special attention to this theme: promote development that does not endanger resources or the well-being of future generations.
  • High rates of garbage production: Our economic model has become a high production of goods, which in turn leads to the high production of waste or residues that end up in landfills or unauthorized dumps, preventing us from contributing to their reuse and contributing to the economy. circular.

Seeking to minimize the effects of this waste, especially the toxic ones, at Hidronor we have a wide range of services for the correct management, storage, revaluation, treatment and final disposal of the same, both industrial and dangerous. 

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