At Hidronor Chile we are in constant development and concern for our environment.

That is why we rely on the support of different certificates to ensure that our operations are aligned with the care of the environment, occupational health and safety, as well as to ensure our clients with the highest quality standards.

International Certification in Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Management:

We have developed a Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Management Policy implemented in all our plants, environmental and safety management systems, certified under International standards ISO 14.001 and OHSAS 18.001, developing action plans for the mitigation of operational impacts on the environment in accordance with current regulations.

This process is audited annually by accredited external companies, which verify the commitment of the entire organization and the fulfillment of goals and programs.

International Laboratory Certification:

We have ISO 17.025 Accreditation granted by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment for our Industrial Plant Laboratory, located in the Pudahuel district, Santiago, Chile.

This is where hazard waste analysis is carried out and its treatment is defined with high efficiency, which makes it possible to ensure issues such as technical competence, the ethical conduct of personnel and the use of well-defined trials and verification processes.

This way, the accreditation that we have under this standard allows the results to be accepted throughout the world.

Learn about our certifications and permits:

ISO 17025 accreditation.

ISO 14001 Certificate.

ISO 45001 Certificate.

Hidronor Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Policy.

Responsible Conduct Certification for the Concepción Plant.

Responsible Conduct Certification for the Pudahuel Plant.

Responsible Conduct Certification for the Antofagasta Plant.

Declaration, Mission and Vision.

ISO 14001 accreditation.

ISO 18001 accreditation.


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