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New environmental challenges in waste management for Chile


There is no doubt that the last year has been very complex, especially for some sectors as waste management because it is an essential activity, and to maintain operations at the highest level of productivity with sanitary restrictions implies a significant challenge for companies dedicated to the field.

In this sense, Jorge Stagno, general manager of Hidronor, points out that "in the last year we have felt the commitment and duty to maintain our operational continuity since we provide a vital service for all our clients".

And, despite the "new normality" all the industrial sectors have had to adopt in order to continue operating in the environment, a quite "agitated" scenario is added with new EPR Law regulations and restrictions that seek to improve environmental sustainability and increase the circular economy in the country.

In addition, a new Constitution is on the verge of development in the near future which is expected to establish the obligations of the State, and natural and legal persons, in order to protect the environment and provide the right to live in a pollution-free environment.

Based on this matter, the executive ensures that Hidronor has a strong commitment to recovery and recycling, and other services related to the new challenges of the EPR Law.

Source: https://acortar.link/7o7G8


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