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Bill proposes "green labeling" to encourage recycling


Publicado 01 de febrero del 2019.-

According to the 2018 National Environmental Survey, 57% of Chileans carry out some activity related to recycling. 76% indicate that the main products they set aside are plastic containers, followed by glass containers (73%) and paper and cardboard (56%).

Considering the great challenges facing the country in this matter, a group of parliamentarians presented, on January 24, a bill on "green labeling", whose main objective is to encourage consumers to recycle.

The method they propose is that all glass, tin, plastic, cardboard or wooden containers carry a label that includes all the information so that the user knows how and where to dispose of them, so that they can be reused or recycled.

 With this measure, it is expected to strengthen the concept of circular economy in Chile and educate consumers to choose products more responsibly.

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