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What does the Plastics and Single-Use Products Law involve?

The regulations will come into force on August 13. 

On August 13, 2024, the Plastics and Single-Use Products Law (21,368) will come into effect, which aims to protect the environment and reduce waste generation by limiting the delivery of single-use products in food outlets; promoting the reuse and certification of single-use plastics; and the regulation of disposable plastic bottles.

What are single-use products?

Glasses, cups, bowls, cutlery (fork, spoon and knife), chopsticks, wells, mixers, light bulbs, plates, cups, boxes or containers of prepared food, trays, sachets, individual containers and lids that are not bottle caps, as long as they are not are reusable.

At Hidronor we contribute to this regulation and to environmental sustainability and reduction of climate change through Revaluation of Solid Waste, such as textiles, wood, plastic, among others, that have calorific value, to be used as Solid Alternative Fuel (CAS). Also with the Revaluation of Liquid Waste, such as oils, lubricants, solvents and paints with a specific calorific value, to generate Liquid Alternative Fuel (LAL).

We can all collaborate by preferring reusable products!


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