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Recycling in Chile: Let's contribute to circular economy increasement!

Economia circular reciclaje Chile

. Recycling and circular economy improvement is a goal we, as citizens, must set for ourselves every day. The growing figures for waste generation are continuing non-stop, and it is of vital importance that society, companies and the government work hand in hand to reduce these numbers, taking advantage of every element that can be recycled or recovered to give it a second useful life and return it to the consumption cycle.

According to the 2020 State of the Environment Report, as of 2018, Chile generated a total of 19.6 million tons of solid waste annually where 53% of it is industrial origin, 42% is municipal, 2% corresponds to sludge of sewage treatment plants, and the remaining (3%) belongs to hazardous waste. 

In regard to the recovery of household waste, as an example, only 1% is recycled; the rest is eliminated. In Chile, only 8.5% of this percentage, of the plastic waste generated, is recycled (the world’s most contaminating material), which only corresponds to 83,679 tons of the 990 thousand that are consumed per year.

To reduce these shocking figures, the 2020-2040 Circular Economy National Roadmap for a Chile free of waste is used in our country. This document aims to establish 7 goals, with 32 specific initiatives and 84 actions to be achieved by 2040, considering four lines of action: circular regulation, circular innovation, circular culture and circular territories, to be implemented in a short, medium long term.

Together, this way, we advance towards the global trend to be a more sustainable country. Let's contribute to circular economy goals!



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