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Do you know what PCBs are and what is the process to eliminate them?


Posted on September 14, 2020.

Most of the time we use chemical products without knowing the impact they will generate in the environment and its durability over time. This is the case of Biphenyls Polychlorinated (PCBs), one of the chemicals that are part of Persistent Organic Compounds regulated by the Convention of Stockholm, which establishes that before 2025 countries must implement concrete actions to reduce exposure and eliminate PCBs.

PCBs are commonly found in diluents pesticides, paints and adhesives, welding, pump lubricants impellers and turbines, among other products for daily and industrial use. Is It is important to note that these substances do not degrade easily, so can be transferred to air, water and soil, thus causing great damage to the ecosystem and human health.

To eliminate them, it is necessary to have facilities, permits and appropriate technology due to the danger of these wastes. In our country, Hidronor is the only company authorized to do so, since it has a facility specially designed and enabled to develop the management of persistent organic hazardous waste disposal in high-tech treatment and disposal facilities that are found outside the country, specifically in Europe. To date, the company has eliminated more than 2,000 tons of PCB waste during its more than 25 years years of service.

To transport them, the company offers the service of transfer, storage and export in a safe way, to finally delete them using the method high temperature incineration with gas control. Service export and incineration is carried out in accordance with the Convention of Basel, in an environmentally correct manner and subject to current legislation.



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