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How is it recycled in other countries?

¿Cómo se recicla en otros países?

Published on February 06, 2017.-

In our country, we are still not used to recycling as a culture integrated into society, due to this, it is important to know and learn how they do it in other countries of the world, where they already have defined policies to deal with the problems they generate. waste.

Next, we will review some examples of good practices that contribute to caring for the environment.

In Sweden, collection trucks are supplied with fuels made from waste.

In Switzerland, every citizen must buy an official bag to deposit their waste.

In Italy, if you live less than half a kilometer from a recycling bin and do not separate your waste, you can be fined up to 500 euros.

In France, every household has colored trash cans for each type of waste. Failure to sort waste implies an economic fine.

In some cities in the United States, waste containers have a chip that sends a signal to managers so that they are removed once they are full.

In Canada, waste is separated into organic, recyclable and inorganic. In addition, they are specialists in tire recycling.

In Argentina, there are official cartoneros, who collect the waste and separate it manually to select what is recyclable.

In Japan, there is a tradition of environmental education. All garbage that is disposed of must be clean, orderly and taking up as little space as possible.

Source: El País


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