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Using biogas as a source of sustainable energy for Chile

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With the aim to mitigate the consequences of climate change that rapidly advance all over the world, and especially in Chile (cataloged as one of the 10 most susceptible nations to suffer its effects, according to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), the Ministry of Energy is promoting the 2050 Roadmap “Aiming towards a sustainable and inclusive energy for Chile”, that seeks to transition to a less polluting energy matrix which will lead us to carbon neutrality.

In this sense, biogas (among many other sustainable energy sources) represents an excellent alternative to meet the goals that have been set and reduces the production of CO2 (considering that energy consumption in our country is responsible for 78% of the carbon dioxide emissions), in addition to producing low emissions and helping to reduce the pressure caused by organic wastes.

To contribute to this national strategy, at Hidronor we have a biogas plant which helps reduce greenhouse gases and generates multiple benefits for the country, transforming the biogas extracted from the landfill in Copiulemu (Biobio region) into electrical energy and injecting it as clean energy into the power grid to supply at least 700 homes.

We, as well, liquid waste with high calorific value to transform it into alternative fuel through co-processing, which is mainly used in the cement industry, that utilize kilns replacing the fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gases when burned.

With these kinds of actions, you have a wide range of services for the sustainable management of industrial waste,we support the climate change battle and sustainability in our surroundings.


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