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We contribute to environmental sustainability with a new photovoltaic panel recycling service


We detail what our specialized solutions for this type of waste consist of

In the coming decades, it is estimated that large quantities of waste will be generated in Chile from the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry. The figures projected in this regard are disturbing: by 2030 there would be between 10 and 30 thousand tons of discarded panels, while by 2040 there would be between 120 and 140 thousand tons of this waste, and by 2050 it would exceed 300 thousand tons.

To address this problem, at Hidronor we incorporated a new photovoltaic panel recycling service to respond in a timely manner to the need for sustainable management that Chile and the world need today. 

“At our Antofagasta plant we are receiving photovoltaic panels from the energy industry and, as a result, we have detected an interesting opportunity for valorization,” explained Juan Andrés Salamanca, Commercial Manager of Hidronor, who maintains that these are cataloged within the Law. REP as electrical and electronic devices, as well as hazardous waste.

At Hidronor we will continue working to incorporate the most advanced technologies in the industry in order to continue contributing to environmental sustainability with our services associated with hazardous waste management, thus supporting the ambitious goal of Chile being a leader in renewable “scrap” recycling and being able to lead the path of the circular economy in Latin America. 


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