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Companies manufacturing dangerous substances must comply with the respective health authorization


According to the provision of the GHS (Globally Harmonized System) Regulation (add meaning of acronym), this 2024 any producer of dangerous substances must have Health Authorization for the manufacture of said substances. However, only for this year it will be optional to enter it, and starting in 2025 it will be mandatory. If companies have not yet processed their authorization, they have time to manage it.

According to Supreme Decree (DS) No. 43, of 2015; Supreme Decree (DS) No. 594, of 1999 and Health Code, the following documents are needed to carry out the procedure:

  • Ticket from the sanitary services company that certifies the use of sewage, or the authorization of drinking water and private sewage, as appropriate.
  • Technical construction specifications of the facilities.
  • Floor plan of the facilities with surface area, distances from the storage facilities to party walls and other constructions inside the establishment (on a visible scale).
  • Descriptive report of the processes carried out.
  • Detail of raw materials, manufactured products, their respective quantities and hazard classification, according to Nch 382:2013.
  • Control systems in case of emissions of gases, vapors or dusts of dangerous substances into the work environment and the community.
  • Program and registration of training for workers in the handling and storage of dangerous substances.
  • Emergency plan, as stipulated in title XIV of the regulations of supreme decree No. 43 of 2015, according to the reality of the company.
  • Registration record of electrical installations before the Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels (SEC).
  • Certificate of prior information delivered by the municipal works department.
  • ClaveÚnica, if you carry out the procedure online.

If you have facilities that store dangerous substances that require health authorization, according to supreme decree No. 43 of 2015, you must additionally deliver:

  • Written procedure for the operation of storage facilities.
  • Irrigation analysis as indicated in article 45 of supreme decree No. 43, of 2015.
  • Technical memory of fire detection and extinguishing systems (when applicable).
  • Certification of automatic extinguishing equipment (when applicable).
  • Technical report of the storage ponds (when applicable) and their respective maintenance.

At Hidronor Chile we promote this regulation, being facilitators of the process thanks to our extensive experience in the market for the management and treatment of industrial and hazardous waste. We deliver comprehensive environmental solutions for the revaluation, treatment and final disposal of hazardous waste in accordance with current legislation and with the highest national and international standards in terms of safety, environment and quality.


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