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Rep law for 2030 will force companies to recycle almost half of plastic packaging


Published on July 3, 2019.

The Law on Recycling or Extended Producer Responsibility (REP) meets a key milestone, the publication of the Official Gazette of the preliminary draft of the decree that establishes the collection and recovery goals of the "Containers and Packaging" category, published on June 10, 2019 .

This priority product - of six that the legislation includes (the others are lubricating oils, tires, batteries, electronic articles and vehicle batteries), is the one that moves the needle the most due to its massiveness. That is why the government, the producers, the municipalities and the actors of the recycling systems were waiting for this decree.

The The project establishes different goals for household and non-household waste. In the case of household waste, they start with the figures of:

5% of cardboard for drinks must be revalued from 2022, metal with a 6%, paper and cardboard with 5%, plastics with 3% and glass with 11%.

These percentages will increase over time under the concept of “gradualness”. The case of non-domiciliary products is different. Generally speaking, they should start with a goal of 30% in 2022, but starting in 2026 they will have specific goals for each sub-category.

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