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Let's reuse the water to contribute to the megadrought

Reutilicemos el agua para aportar a la megasequia
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It is no secret that climate change has generated serious consequences, and Chile has not been the exception: variations in the sea temperature have prevented the rain from falling in our country, causing deficits that have lasted several years, especially in the central area. This is why caring for water, either in your home or in industries, has become a task where we all must contribute in order to mitigate these effects.

To support this mission we can implement small actions at home, such as taking shorter showers, not leaving the tap open unnecessarily, or using biodegradable soaps or detergents that allow us to reuse the water that is used to wash dishes or clothes, among other initiatives.

At an industrial level, the efficient use of water resources is essential. Water reuse in procedures (as long as it’s possible) is key to increasing a circular economy, and at Hidronor we are committed to this cause; for this reason, during the treatment of the Liquid Industrial Waste (RILes) we control, the water is reused for our own production processes.

"We implement this same process in the 3 plants we have located in Antofagasta, Pudahuel and Concepción, to strengthen our responsibility with the recovery and revaluation of waste, as well as with the care of our resources," stated Juan Andrés Salamanca, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager of the Company.


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