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Decree that sets goals for the collection and recovery of tires advances


Released January 22, 2021.

After almost two years of processing, recently the decree of the Ministry of the Environment Environment that sets goals for the collection and recovery of tires. From now on, tire producers - those who put the product for the first time on the market - should begin to organize the systems management to take charge of this waste (individual or collective).

This decree establishes that, in In the first instance, producers must collect at least 50% of the tires put on the market the previous year, and from the fourth year of This goal will be raised to 80% collection, and 90% to the eighth year.

As an important fact, estimates that in Chile about 140 thousand tons of waste are generated each year of tires, of which only 17% are handled rationally. Searching improve this figure, at Hidronor we support this type of initiative and we bet for meeting these recycling goals in the near future.



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