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REP Law, Regulation of valuation and collection of tires.


Published on October 05, 2018.-

On October 4, the first regulation from the REP LAW was made official, which defines the recovery and collection goals of one of its six priority products: tires.

The objective of this legislation is to recover a percentage of the products once they have finished their useful life, by becoming waste.

Said regulation establishes that, in the case of tires with a rim smaller than 57 inches, defining that those equal to or greater than that measure correspond to large trucks, for example: those used in the mining industry, will have a collection goal for their producers in Chile, either manufacturers or importers of 50% by 2021, which will rise to 90% in 2028. Likewise, the “recovery” goals start at 25% in 2021 and also increase over time.

This progress marks a milestone in promoting the recovery of waste, promoting the transition of the Chilean economy from a linear model to a circular economy.

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